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​​​Mark and Alison decided to emigrate from Boulder, Colorado after the 2004 elections. Their parallel journey of emigration and exploration of organic farming is chronicled in Alison’s blog, Musings from Peachland. They became Canadian Citizens in March 2015!

Your host Alison Moore has been an arts administrator extraordinaire for more than 30 years. A devotee of dance, she served as the Executive Director for Ballet Kelowna while pursuing her life-long dream to become an organic farmer on a small family farm. Now she is a Partner in Oomph! Consulting and a Life Cycle Celebrant.
"We feel welcome in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and blessed to live on this amazing piece of property.  We believe
visitors to Ravens View Farm will experience the beauty and bounty of nature and will leave with a greater sense of their place in the world. As stewards of the land, we strive to create a sustainable farm where, through working the land gently and respectfully, we nurture a deeper spiritual connection to Mother Earth." 

You are welcome to enjoy the hospitality of the farm.

The Farm

New in 2015 is the perenial culinary herb garden featuring the most popular herbs for every kitchen. It also feeds the bees.  Parsley, sage, rosemary,  thyme, winter savoury fennel and more.

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The Ravens View Farm orchard is known for its succulent organic  fruits and vegetables.  What else would an orchardist grow in Peachland but peaches! Six varieties of free stone peaches ripen throughout the growing season late July through early September. All the peaches are wonderful fresh, frozen or canned.  First is the early ripening Harrow Diamond offering the first taste of the season, which were so tasty I planted a second row.  These are followed by Harbrites then onto the wonderful Red Havens and Glo Havens people love to rave about.  The giant Canadian Harmonies come on strong and finally the Suncrest made famous by David Mas Moto in his book “Epitaph for a Peach.” Four seasons on my family farm which inspired me to become a peach orchardist. 

Lest we forget we have more than 45 heritage plum trees. Two varieties of yellow plums the Shiro and the golden egg, These have become a mainstay at the farmers market when people shake their head to refuse the sample plum but then once they put that juicy piece of fruit in their mouth them come back for more and then again for more.

My primary customers the master chefs at Quails Gate’s Old Vines restaurant, Water front wines and restaurant, Krafty Kitchen and The Bonfire Grill at the Cove, appreciate these organic stone fruits.  You can also order in advance or visit my booth at the Peachland Farmers and Crafters Market on Sunday’s 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

The OrchARD