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Celebrations of Life Ceremonies

Summer and Winter Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies are held throughout the year to celebrate the passage of time. 

The intention of these seasonal ceremonies is to honour the sacredness of the land, realign with the divine, express gratitude, let go, and ignite our inner spirit. They are celebrations of the light and the dark, re-birth and growth.

Elements of these ceremonies may include:

  • Divine Light Invocation
  • Walking the spiral of the Lavender Labyrinth
  • Calling in the directions
  • Silence in the manner of Quaker Friends
  • Personal reflections and contributions
  • Lighting a fire for a ritual of release and renewal
  • Other elements brought by participants

Creating happiness amid bereavement is a high calling; one that speaks to me as an End of Life Doula and Life-Cycle Celebrant. The passing of a loved one is difficult time in our life's dance. Sudden loss can be almost unbearable in its surprise, whereas the death of an elder after a long life gives us time to say our good byes.   

Having accompanied friends and family members in their end-of-life journeys by serving as an advocate and friendly council, I was inspired to train and become certified as a "Death Doula" through the Concious Dying Institute.  I've learned a lot about this rite of passage through personal experience and study. This life experience ensures clients have a caring and compassionate partner as they navigate their end of life journey and plan Celebrations of Life, consider home funerals and address the many physical, emotional, spiritual concerns that arise during this time.

As your Celebration of Life Officiant, I will:

  • Meet with you to learn about your loved one through your stories
  • Provide insight into traditional and modern rituals and symbols that you may wish to include in the Celebration of Life.
  • Craft a ceremony with you that will bring your loved one to life for all those in attendance. 
  • Officiate your ceremony with sensitivity and grace!